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Corvalent Arm Systems: Low Power and Durable Design


You wouldn’t know it back then, but the Motorola sales engineer who went on to become the Strategy Manager in Europe had tried to give his company, Motorola (the inventors of mobile phones!), the keys to the kingdom, so to speak. As a sales person, Rob Saxby..

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Corvalent Announces CAT-APM IIoT Demonstration/Evaluation Kit

Industry-Leading Computing Supplier Corvalent Announces CAT-APM Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) Demonstration/Evaluation Kit

Cost-Effective Way for Companies to Evaluate Automating the Monitoring of Assets and Production


Cedar Park, TX - June 23, 2020 Given..

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How We Got to IIoT


“So, tell us, we know what the Internet of Things is – IoT – but what is IIoT?”

I get that question a lot these days as IIoT becomes one of the few bright spots in technology.  Given COVID-19, it’s obvious that capital expenditures as well as massive layoffs and..

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About Corvalent

Texas-based Corvalent supports embedded developers, IoT and IIoT Operational Technology, and OEMs with rugged, customized, made-in-America industrial computing systems, products, and software.