VARS and System Integrators Are Cordially Welcome

Sep 09, 2020 | blog, IoT, iiot

Value Added Resellers and System Integrators Are Cordially Welcome

Value Added Resellers (VARS) and System Integrators (SIs) working in Information Technology (IT) are the backbone of the world’s computing, installation, and technical support infrastructure. Even computer manufacturers, notoriously fickle when it comes to “The Channel”, appreciate their VAR and SI networks, even as they sometimes “horn in” on larger deals and even compete with VARS and SIs for professional services. Still, the channel has had to master the constantly shifting tides of computing, from PC’s to client-server to surfing the web and enabling their customers to design software. Software is one of the real drivers that delivers features and functions to customers. VARS and System Integrators have mastered IT.

Now is the time to lead OT – Operational Technology. We would like you to consider joining us as Corvalent Value Added Reseller or System Integrator. We can show you how to help your customer save money, generate new sources of revenue, and keep them out of trouble by improving safety.

“The world of IoT and Industrial IoT reminds me of the early days of personal computers. While some say that the problem is a lack of standards, I believe its actually too many standards that is damaging deployments and velocity of completions. In IIoT, we have so many competing “standards” in just wireless communications itself: Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NB-IoT, CAT-M1, 5G, LoRa, and many other protocols can transmit data from sensors to Edge computers and/or back to the Cloud. And Clouds? Ever try to move your data and software from one public Cloud to another? Its enough to make us remember S100, ISA-bus, EISA bus, CP/M vs. MS-DOS vs. a dozen other contenders for OS dominance. OS/2 anyone? Have a side of Linux distros? The point is, Corvalent can point you in the right direction and help you avoid making costly mistakes with your customers."

Industrial IoT (IIoT) is chaotic precisely because it’s a relatively new technology, but its usefulness in Operational Technology – that is to say, monitoring and controlling machinery in real-time – is undeniable. It literally is the future of manufacturing, energy production, asset tracking to reduce “loss” and to predict maintenance (or even prevent expensive down-time).

VARS and SIs are masters at piecing together different bits of technology to construct The System. The System in IIoT is comprised of sensors (data acquisition), communication links from those sensors to Edge computers (where Gartner suggests that by 2024, 75% of computing will actually be done), and thence from the Edge computers to either on-premises servers (Linux, Windows Servers) and/or on to the Cloud. There’s communication links throughout the data chain, and there are many factors that can go into developing a performant, responsive, and reliable IIoT system that is capable of delivering cost savings, new revenue. There’s a Blue Ocean waiting for Operational Technology VARs and Sis.

These are all opportunities for VARS and SIs: Channel Partners who specialize in doing requirements analysis, site analysis, site preparation, installations, testing to ensure fitness of purpose and quality, and providing continuing technical support.

We believe that these can be golden days for VARS and SIs that realize the true nature of computing: skills learned in IT can be transferred into OT with some training, guidance, and partners that care about your success because they need your skills, your boots on the ground, and your wisdom.

Corvalent can show you how to help customers make money, save money and stay out of trouble.

Corvalent Corporation is putting together a new VAR and SI program for channel partners who prefer to work with a company that has 27+ years of experience in industrial computing (we do), has unique, innovative enterprise software (SaaS) that can be customized for each of your customers quickly (we do), understands real-time, embedded, PC, server, and Cloud computing (we do), and most importantly can provide you with not only leads, but the training and guidance you need to succeed in one of the highest growth fields in the world: IoT and IIoT.

Unlike most IIoT software vendors, we can also provide our battle-tested, long-life, consistent, and reliable industrial PCs and servers. Unlike most IIoT software vendors, we can provide sensors, and all the communications technologies needed for IIoT deployment and success, if that is what you need. If you already provide sensors, or are a sensor manufacturer, great! We can interface with your sensors. If you already provide data communications or sensors, have you considered adding a proven enterprise SaaS application and platform built from the ground up with IIoT in mind?

Our model is to sell to OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) and VARS/SIs only. In putting together our program, we look to create new markets for our partners. We’ll provide some or most of the technology as the end-customer desires, and you provide your services. Win-Win-Win.

If you are interested in learning more or you are already in the IoT and IIoT Operational Technology markets, you understand where growth is headed to in the next 15-20 years and can see where it is going to come from, contact Corvalent and let’s have a conversation. There’s a new Sheriff in town in IIoT, and its going to be VARS and SIs that are the key – the go-to people who can get the job done.

You are cordially invited to The Future. Where sensors, analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, Edge computing, and Cloud computing all come together to solve real-world problems.

Be sure to stay tuned for a Webinar coming soon on our plan to help you win business and serve customers the very best.


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Alan R. Weiss
Alan Weiss is the Industrial IoT Business Unit Manager and Head of the IIoT B.U. at Corvalent. His 30+ years in software, hardware, silicon, and systems engineering has led him to one of the most fascinating fields in computing today, the hardware/software business known as IIoT, where his 12+ years architecting, developing, deploying, and monetizing IoT has provided great insights. Contact him at