Corvalent Meets 2016 ISO Requirements

Nov 28, 2016 | press releases

Corvalent Passes 2016 ISO Certification - Excelling in Quality Management Another Year

Corvalent passes ISO certification on their surveillance audits this year for ISO9000-2008 and ISO13485-2003.

Each year, we continue to make every necessary change to stay on the leading edge of quality and performance. Our ISO certification is only a standard. To us, exceeding expectations means delivering high quality products and services built for longevity, enabling our customers to make the most of their application.

ISO9000-2008 is a set of quality control international standards an organization has to meet to qualify for certification of their products or services.

ISO13485-2003 is an international standard that defines the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

“It is very rewarding to achieve ISO13485:2003 certification. Our continuing success passing surveillance audits without any corrective actions just confirms the well-designed and implemented Quality System at Corvalent” - Ana Rudloff, Quality Assurance & Document Control Specialist.

She adds, “Our entire team has become self-aware and motivated to the highest quality standards. It is an effort we are all very proud of. Striving and pushing ourselves to achieve the highest levels of operational excellence in serving our customers.”

With new efficient processes beginning in January of next year, Corvalent plans to upgrade both ISO standards by September 2017.

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Corvalent manufactures long-life, rugged computing systems at the heart of OEM systems and devices, including revision- and document-controlled industrial motherboards, single board computers and embedded controllers. Serving industrial customers since 1993, Corvalent offers custom materials planning and advisory services; real-time engineering to address any technology or platform; modification of COTS or standards-based solutions for unique, mission critical applications; and elite, white glove technical support.