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American Predator Corporation Introduces the Hunter Midget Plus, an Intel® Pentium® Processor Based Industrial Motherboard with PCI and ISA Interfaces in a Small Footprint

MORGAN HILL , California (1996) ---- American Predator Corporation (APC) has released the preliminary design of the Hunter Midget Plus™. The Hunter Midget Plus is a deviation of the original APC design of the Hunter huperCache™. It was developed to attend to industrial applications that require small footprint embedded controllers.

The Hunter Midget Plus™ features two major implementations for industrial applications. The first is an on-board two digit seven-segment LED display for self-diagnostics and custom applications. The other is the watchdog timer, which is a CPU monitoring device for automatic system resetting in the event of a time-out. Also, theHunter Midget Plus™ introduces the latest USB technology. The Hunter Midget Plus™can be configured to accommodate all speeds up to 233MHz. It can be used with any of the following specific microprocessors:

  • Intel® Pentium® processors with MMX™ Technology
  • AMD™ K5, K6
  • Cyrix™ 6x86 (M1)
  • IBM™ (MX)
  • IDT™

American Predator Corporation

Founded in 1993, American Predator Corporation is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of long-life motherboards and systems for industrial applications. American Predator offers designs based on the latest Intel® microprocessors in a full line of form factors. All products carry a five (5) to eight year (8) production guarantee reducing customer redesign and recertification costs increasing their profitability. For more information on American Predator Corporation please visit

American Predator Corporation is an Affiliate Member of the Intel Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. Intel has been providing silicon with life-cycle management to the embedded market for 30 years. For more information, please visit