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American Predator Introduces the GATOR EBC, an Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor-M Based Compact Industrial Controller


MORGAN HILL, California (03/25/03) ---- American Predator Corporation (APC) today released the preliminary evaluations of the Gator EBC™ Industrial Controller. This new design is based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor-M and the Intel® 845GE/GV chipset, offering maximum performance per watt and cutting edge industrial features. The compact EBC form factor (5.7" x 8.0") fits into tight and narrow spaces of embedded applications, offering design flexibility. (Note: Size compatible with EBX Form Factor Mounting Holes)


The Gator EBC boasts an impressive list of features, which includes: four high-speed USB 2.0 ports, SODIMM slot supporting up to 1GB of 266/333 DDR, 40-pin and 44-pin connectors for IDE devices, Three RS232 serial ports, One parallel port, floppy controller, PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors. The Gator EBC™ also employs industrial tools including POST code display for self-diagnostics, and CPU temperature and voltage monitoring.


The Gator EBC is custom-designed to meet a diverse range of embedded computing requirements across a wide spectrum of device categories, including medical, networking, security, and factory automation, serving vertical market segments ranging from the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries to printing, test and measurement, textile manufacturing and industrial robotics.


"American Predator's Gator line is the perfect solution for OEMs seeking maximum processor muscle, but are concerned with the wattage and cooling of a standard Pentium® based design," said Ed Trevis, President and CEO of American Predator.


"All Gator products run cool in harsh conditions, including stock/vibration and little or no ventilation. Our customers can also count on our commitment to quality, longevity and support. That is what sets American Predator apart from the competition. The current state of the industrial market requires our customers to group with reliable suppliers to meet timely production obligations. Choosing American Predator is the first step to achieving design wins while maintaining that critical time-to-market."


American Predator's experience in X86 design and manufacturing empowers customers with the latest and greatest technologies available, equipping their product with the innovation and competitiveness needed for the existing economic conditions.


About The Gator Product Line


For applications with limited ventilation and space constraints, American Predator offers the Gator line, a full line of powerful low power designs. Consuming half the wattage as standard Intel® Pentium® 4 processor based designs, these low power solutions can run cool in a harsh industrial environment. Featured applications for low power designs include: small form factor, automobile, military, aerospace, and medical.


Engineered For Success


American Predator's internal product testing procedures are among the industry's most stringent, and the company's engineering and technical support capabilities are unmatched. In addition, American Predator will customize any product for the specific requirements of its customers. American Predator products are specifically engineered to operate under diverse environmental ranges. APC guarantees product longevity of five to eight years of production life cycle for all designs.


For more information, or to request an evaluation kit, contact our Sales Department toll free at 888-776-7896 or


American Predator Corporation


Founded in 1993, American Predator Corporation is a pioneer in the design and manufacturing of long-life motherboards and systems for industrial applications. American Predator offers designs based on the latest Intel® microprocessors in a full line of form factors. All products carry a five (5) to eight year (8) production guarantee reducing customer redesign and recertification costs increasing their profitability. For more information on American Predator Corporation please visit


American Predator Corporation is an Affiliate Member of the Intel Communications Alliance, a community of communications and embedded developers and solution providers. Intel has been providing silicon with life-cycle management to the embedded market for 30 years. For more information, please visit