Windows 10 is now available!

Nov 28, 2016 | New Technology, Windows, Martin's Corner

I'm happy to say we are ready for Windows 10 (after many requests)!

Microsoft also released some new licensing options after the recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Before, the 32bit or 64bit versions of Windows 10 Pro had fixed part numbers - now there are three. Microsoft decided to shake things up a bit in the Embedded space with a new tiered pricing structure, and cost is now dependent on the processor on the board.

Essentially this means Windows 10 Enterprise is drastically less expensive if you're running a Celeron than if you were running an i7 or Xeon processor. So (for those that don't require the fastest processor around) this is really good news!

The 3 flavors of Windows 10 are:

High End: for i7 and Xeon processors
Value: for i5, i3 and Celerons
Entry: for Atom and some selected Celerons

This is very interesting news, and we are ready whenever you are! Contact us for more details.

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Martin Rudloff
Martin Rudloff is Chief Technical Officer at Corvalent. With 30+ years of experience in Electronics, Martin manages Concept to Development, Production and Validation, and Product Support.