Ready to Jump into the IoT? Start Fast and Smart with Remote CorMonitoring EZ Platform

Sep 26, 2017 | New Technology, Martin's Corner, IoT Edge Computing

Stepping into the Internet of Things represents a series of critical design commitments, with potential for long-term risk as application needs shift between centralized and de-centralized computing.  The potential for misstep warrants not only a serious focus on flexibility, but also a way to right-size the overwhelming prospect of becoming IoT-enabled. A smart strategy starts with remote monitoring – capitalizing on application-ready platforms that create value quickly and establish a flexible platform for future IoT development.

Application-ready integrated platforms enable fast and easy configuration of remote monitoring applications. Sensors can be added or may be available out-of-the-box, aiding in predictive and preventive maintenance. By accessing and sharing data in real time, OEMs and end-users reduce risk, better manage maintenance resources and help protect system lifecycle.

Equally as important, these integrated, "container-based" IoT platform systems can be deployed and moved as needed, removing reliance on external cloud services or on-premise servers.  Edge computing and on-premise computing scenarios are both feasible, reducing long-term risk of additional costs or performance challenges. This independence both simplifies deployment and enhances reliability, supported by enhanced security features architected into every layer of the platform. Rather than being considered as a design afterthought, secure hardware dovetails with secure software to create the ‘security first’ mindset, critical to long-term success

All these factors work together to solve key issues for OEMs and their end-user customers. IoT development is streamlined and accelerated, accommodating both edge and on-premise designs without a change in architecture. Remote management of deployed systems reduces costly on-site diagnosis and system maintenance costs, improving uptime and performance reliability. And using a proven hardware/software platform allows for faster time to market, greater system security and asset protection.

Getting to the IoT is indeed a challenge, but smart platforms and strategies make all the difference. Corvalent is here to answer your questions and help at every step. Come and talk to us about how our CorMonitoring Software Platform can drive your own IoT development strategy. To book an hour-long complimentary brainstorming and consultation session with our software engineering team, reach out to us at (888) 776-7896 or Contact Us here.

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