Industrial server design breakthrough? Yes!

Feb 17, 2017 | New Technology, Martin's Corner

One of the biggest industrial server design challenges is the inability to pair server-class performance with a long-life system.

High performance industrial servers from Corvalent solve this design limitation, embracing Intel® Xeon® technology in an application-ready, customizable server-class design with guaranteed production and availability of five to seven years.

It’s a real breakthrough for industrial OEMs and developers – but it begs the question, why hasn’t this been done before? The answer lies in the complexity of putting it all together, a process typically far too demanding to fit the resources and competitive goals of industry players. Traditional server systems can be overkill, with a raft of costly and often unnecessary certifications; Xeon®-based designs have been considered too costly in contrast to Core™ i7, based on additional complexity in development required to fully capitalize on dual-processor capabilities. It’s just been the norm to sacrifice longevity, and use commercially available workstation products to accommodate steadily-increasing performance and storage needs.



Achieving Industrial Server Durability and Server-Class Performance

Development of the CorServer product family is informed by this challenge, tapping Corvalent’s wealth of custom design expertise to provide a complete solution proven to industrial needs and standards. By packaging rugged board and chassis into a smart, configurable design, the system removes obstacles such as short production life, cost, and complexity. Server board and chassis are optimized to work together, while the cabling layout enables airflow supported by low-noise internal fans. Applications in Big Data analytics, real-time medical imaging, cloud or data center computing, security and surveillance, and more can be developed using cost-effective, long-term deployable solutions that were not previously available.

CorServer systems are server-class, offering a dual-processor platform with no unnecessary third-party hardware certifications. For developers, this smart approach reduces costs while ensuring performance with industry operating systems and advances such as Error Correcting Code (ECC), optimized thermal dissipation, and more robust remote access management. Xeon® allows developers to optimize processing speed and compute functions, sharing resources for significantly improved overall performance even on single-node applications.

CorServer’s Reliability Backed by Consistent Supply Guarantee

Perhaps most importantly, where workstation products might have even been out of production by the time an application was fully developed, CorServer is based on longevity. Developers and OEMs have more time to develop software applications, taking full advantage of the system’s high performance, reliability and long-term availability. CorServer’s server-class design is backed by a five to seven year consistent supply guarantee, made possible through a combination of partnerships and design commitments. While Corvalent uses only server-class processors and chipsets on Intel®’s embedded roadmap, company control of board and system design extends longevity even further. Eval units are available; just send a request or give us a call if you’d like to talk through your design and how CorServer can add tangible competitive value.

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Martin Rudloff is Chief Technical Officer at Corvalent. With 30+ years of experience in Electronics, Martin manages Concept to Development, Production and Validation, and Product Support.