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2013 Tech & Science News in Review

2013 was a remarkable year for technology and science. Here is our top 10 list of things that stood out this year:

• Graphene was found to be the strongest material in the world. *1

• A NASA rover found evidence for water on Mars. *2

• Cisco began counting “The Internet of Things” through a dynamic "connections counter" to track the estimated number of connected things online from July 2013 until July 2020. *3

• A Stanford study in June* found that “96 percent of participants plan to increase the number of customers they trade with electronically, the number of suppliers they trade with electronically, or the number of business processes they support. Of them, 59 percent plan to expand their use of B2B e-commerce in all three areas.” *4

• A flexible OLED screen, a “littledog” robot, and an app that can translate foreign words into your native language in real time made the top 10 technology products in 2013 according to Mashable. *5

• 2013 was the year of the snake, the color emerald green, internet hoaxes, and “selfie” and “science” were the words of the year. *6

• A common genetic link was found between autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. *7

• Intel announced it will stop manufacturing motherboards. *8

• Corvalent celebrated it’s 20th year in business.

• Corvalent discussed plans to add ARM based motherboards to its product line and will add live chat and ecommerce in 2014.

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