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How We Got to IIoT


“So, tell us, we know what the Internet of Things is – IoT – but what is IIoT?”

I get that question a lot these days as IIoT becomes one of the few bright spots in technology.  Given COVID-19, it’s obvious that capital expenditures as well as massive layoffs and..

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When Industrial IoT is All About You Making More Money

My CEO, Ed Trevis (you’ve probably met him before on this website, or in person) has many talents, perhaps none so useful to me as simplifying things.  The ability to boil things down to get to the essence of a situation is not unusual, but Ed’s ability to see with..

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The Case For Getting Things Done in industrial iot

My father, Stanley, was a practical man who knew that if you wanted to finish on time, one way was to get started earlier. He knew through experience that one of the values of hard work was learning how to work smarter, and perhaps a little less hard. He also..
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About Corvalent

Corvalent was founded in 1993, and is a manufacturer of embedded industrial motherboards and systems.