Top 5 Factors You Should Consider When Deciding To Use An Industrial Supplier

Jun 27, 2018 | blog, Martin's Corner

It is for the most part universally accepted that when sourcing and placing your trust in a supplier for any industry that the main focus is usually on price, quality, and overall service. A common mistake is focusing on pricing alone but getting the better price does not always translate to getting the better deal.

Sourcing the best supplier in the industrial embedded space is all the more critical for the types of applications many solutions are designed for.  Below we have listed what is recommended to consider when looking for not only a reliable and compliant supplier, but the right supplier for your organization and application.

  • Open door for visits and audits – Full access, welcomed on-site audits and ability to see assembly lines of a supplier is critical to learning and discovering potential warning signs early on.


  • Total Cost of ownership - While a large portion of manufacturers provide a low cost entry to win your business, they fail to deliver consistency and more importantly, board or system longevity. Customer cost of re-qualifications and re-certifications while doing business without long-life and best-cost package can be prohibitive.


  • Long-Life business model and supply chain history – This is where consistency, longevity and quality come into play. For example, Corvalent guarantees up to 15 years of continuous production which is achievable through extensive partnerships and supply chain expertise. The question to ask is if the supplier can deliver the same results every time and extend products beyond the commercial life cycle?


  • Parts/components, vendors, material handling and logistics – All of these can be enormous challenges for many organizations. It is critical for the right supplier to provide exceptional high level of service that matches the long-life business model of consistency and quality mentioned in the previous point. No supply interruptions are key to a successful relationship.


  • Manufacturing Location - Manufacturing here in the U.S.A. enables unique value in staying hands-on at every step of the manufacturing process. As an American manufacturer, our location allows for fine-tuned complete start to finish process of product development, production, and customer engagement.


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Corvalent manufactures long-life, rugged computing systems at the heart of OEM systems and devices, including revision- and document-controlled industrial motherboards, single board computers and embedded controllers. Serving industrial customers since 1993, Corvalent offers custom materials planning and advisory services; real-time engineering to address any technology or platform; modification of COTS or standards-based solutions for unique, mission critical applications; and elite, white glove technical support.